Chronic Pain

What is Pain?

Pain is an unpleasant sensation that we receive when damage or illness occurs in our body which requires immediate attention.   It has been described as an alarm that comes on when some part of the body experiences some sort of danger, injury or malfunction occurs to draw our attention to the part of the body that need immediate attention.

Chronic Pain Infinite MindsPain is our  “friend in need is a friend indeed”  and our protection mechanism that allows our body to react immediately in order to protect our body from further tissue damage,  injury or malfunction occurs.

But even for a friend which over compensates and is in your life all the time, we will not like it.

What is Chronic Pain?

Initial pain is call  new or Acute Pain but when the pain lingers after the damage is repaired it becomes Chronic Pain. 

Chronic pain is a persistent pain that has outlived its usefulness.    It is pain which has long passed the time when the alarm was necessary for your body,  indicating that there was something physically wrong in your body that needed to be attended to and corrected.

Chronic Pain is like an alarm that is stuck.   It’s like a house or security alarm which may be a false alarm when there is no danger but it continues to sound its warning, even though it has no purpose.

Chronic Pain Infinite Minds

The house alarm is uncomfortable and annoying so you switch the power off or take the battery out and the alarm stops.   You can also turn down the alarm.

In the same manner our unconscious  mind can also switch off that pain alarm too.    Your mind has a  capacity to change.   To relearn to switch OFF or numb down that pain.     Pain originates in your mind and is triggered by your  body.  In order to understand where the pain originates it’s important to understand how your mind works.     Check out this page if you would like to find out more about how our mind is like an Iceberg with your conscious mind being 5 to 10% above the water level and our subconscious & unconscious mind being 90 to 95% hidden under water line.

Managing your Chronic Pain

When you live with chronic pain it can be emotionally draining, it may be hard to get a good nights sleep, you have probably changed your lifestyle to prevent aggravating your pain,  you may avoid people,  feel frustrated and have mood swings, feel down and overwhelmed.

If you have been in chronic pain for a long time it may have become part of your life and you develop coping mechanisms to get you through your day.   You may have forgotten what it is like to life without pain.

Hypnotherapy and chronic painHypnosis can be an effective way to manage your chronic pain.    Studies have found that hypnotic suggestions may have benefits for chronic-pain with reduced anxiety, improved sleep and enhanced quality of life.

Research published in the US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health has shown that hypnosis interventions consistently produce significant decreases in pain associated with a variety of chronic pain.    Further research was recommended into the validations of these finds in more randomised trials & clinical practice.

Hypnosis and changing your mind

It is not our role to diagnose any medical condition. 

You should discuss your chronic pain with your Doctor before you seek Hypnotherapy.

Individual results may vary and we are unable to provide a guarantee.

You may have been “doing” or “being” your issue or problem for a long time and by now you are probably quite an expert at it.   By offering you a Band Aid solution or a miracle cure,  even if we had one,  you are not likely to achieve long lasting change.

If you want ongoing & permanent change, we will probably suggest that you commit to a program of sessions.


Our Free Phone Consultation is an important first step to help you decide whether Hypnotherapy is a good fit for you and whether we feel that we are able to help you.    When you are under the care of a Doctor, we will also seek your permission to communicate with them.


Chronic pain & Hypnosis


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