Become a life long non-smoker in three sessions !

Quit Smoking

  • Would you rather spend your hard earned money on other things?
  • Would you like your body to be healthier?
  • Would you like to extend your life expectancy?
  • Would you enjoy having more energy?
  • Would you like to taste your food more?
  • Would you prefer your breath & clothes to smell fresher?
  • Are you ready to use a Drug Free way to become a non-smoker?


If you answered YES to the above questions, then you’re already on your way to  becoming a non-smoker.

You might be feeling a bit like a social outcast, you’ve noticed that you are coughing more, have less energy, you know that it’s disgusting but you continue that old, hand to mouth habit,  just like a familiar safe routine that you have been doing for years.  You’re probably feeling guilty & stupid because you understand each time you light up, you’re burning away money and your health.

How much do you spend on cigarettes?   Smoking is costly to your health and costly to your pocket.   Open up this calculator in a new page to find out how much money you would SAVE if you Quit Smoking. 

You have probably tried many methods to Quit Smoking  – the medically prescribed drugs, the patches, the gum, vaping, e cigarettes and even cold turkey.   There is a lot of media interest  and scrutiny in the possible side effects of the stop smoking medications,  vaping & e cigarettes but at this stage you are probably ready to give anything a go.     You know that you want to stop smoking, to be free of cigarettes but despite your best efforts nothing seems to work.

Quit Smoking Simon Teshome is a Clinical Hypnotherapist,  in Dianella, WA specialising in Quit Smoking.     As an ex-smoker for many years, he can relate to what you are going through.   He tried a few times to quit until finally giving it up permanently.

Like you, Simon was educated about the health risks of smoking, he would have preferred to spend his money on other things and hated knowing that his family wanted him to stop smoking but he didn’t stop until he was ready.

So what is the bridge between TRYING and STOPPING?

Simon will hep you break that smoking habit by helping you by change the way that you think about smoking.   Changing the way that you feel and behave towards cigarettes.   By working with your thoughts and beliefs around smoking you will find it easier to become a life long non-smoker.

Quit smoking

This is possible by working with you to:

  • ∞    determine the reasons why you smoke
  • ∞    tap into and rewire your subconscious mind
  • ∞    resolve your smoking triggers


Your conscious mind takes care of  decision making and tends to have very little willpower  against your emotions & feelings. You may do your best to control your behaviour and beliefs with the analytical & intellectual part of your mind,  however it is often not successful unless the subconscious & unconscious parts of your mind are in agreement with your “thinking” process.    Once your subconscious has this understanding you will find that you can stop smoking for good.


Smoking and Hypnosis

A person may want to Quit Smoking however there may be emotional resistance or beliefs in their subconscious which are making it difficult for a person to achieve what wish.


You may want to stop smoking, you may have tried in the past and it worked for a while, but ….    This is great because you have already been a non-smoker.   The magic though is that Hypnotherapy can be very effective helping people achieve long term change.  









The Quit Smoking program comprises three sessions,  most people stop after the first session and don’t need follow up sessions however this is available to you if you need them in the future.

Our sessions are:

  • ∞     stress free
  • ∞     drug free
  • ∞     patch free
  • ∞     medication free
  • ∞     chemical free

Our approach helps retrain your subconscious mind to become a non-smoker first, so that you actually feel ready to quit, instead of having to force yourself.

There is no one size fits all – Simon takes into consideration your individual smoking habit, your smoking triggers and the reasons why you have been unable to stop smoking in the past and then designs a Hypnosis program to meet your specific needs.


When you are ready to take the first step,  contact us to set up a convenient time for a FREE Phone Consultation.


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