Levels of Consciousness

We have already explained how Hypnotherapy is able to bypass the critical aspect of your mind,  how your brain can rewire itself through a process called Neuroplasticity and how you are able to learn.   The NLP Communication model explains how we take in information from our external environment and how this impacts our thoughts, feelings and behaviours,  how we interact and communicate with our environment, other people and ourselves.

Now it’s time to dig even deeper into the Conscious, Subconscious & Unconscious parts of your mind and also start to explore the Quantum and Universal Consciousness.    The Iceberg is a helpful metaphor to describe our Mind – the conscious mind,  which is just above the surface and the subconscious & unconscious which is hidden below the water level.

Your conscious mind.

The Conscious Mind This is a relatively small part of your mind  (approximately about 5 to 10% ) but is responsible for the “thinking” and “analytical” processes which takes care of your day to day logical, reasoning and intellectual functions.


It is the conscious mind which floats above the Iceberg  waterline that people are aware of the most.


Your conscious mind is only able to process approximately 5 to 7 bit of information at a time and needs a fairly sophisticated system to help simplify and select what information is important to you.   


The NLP Model of Communication provides a simplified explanation about how your mind uses a number of filters and programs to help you simplify and understand the constantly changing and complex external environment.  


Your Mind is your Brain in Action”      Dr. Joe Dispenza


Your conscious mind takes care of  decision making and tends to have very little willpower  against your emotions & feelings. You may do your best to control your behaviour and beliefs with the analytical & intellectual part of your mind,  however it is often not successful unless the subconscious & unconscious parts of your mind are in agreement with your “thinking” process.     A person may want to Quit Smoking or get rid of some extra Weight,  however there may be emotional resistance or beliefs in their subconscious which are making it difficult for a person to achieve what wish to achieve.    This is why Hypnotherapy can be very effective helping people achieve long term change.



Your conscious mind operates with Gamma (27 Hz & up) and Beta (12 to 27Hz)  brain waves.    Beta is the normal waking consciousness and is associated with a heightened state of alertness.    With our busy lives, we tend to spend most of our day in a Beta State using analytical, logical and critical reasoning.    However it in the Beta state that we can also general create fear, anxiety, stress and general restlessness.


At the moment less is known about the Gamma brain waves however these waves seem to be associated with insight & higher level information processing.



NLP Communication Model

The Different Levels of Consciousness & The NLP Model of Communication


Your subconscious mind. 

This part of your mind is approximately 50 to 60% of your total mind and handles your programmed and conditioned responses.  Your  behaviour, habits and skills are filed away here, as well as your emotions and feelings.    Safely located underneath your conscious mind, your subconscious is much more powerful than your conscious mind.    This area of your brain is made up of all your long term and permanent memories which have developed over a long period of time.


Your belief systems, values, attitudes, perception, creativity, spiritual connections, your intuition and imagination are all safely stored in your subconscious mind.


This is the area of your mind where you will find your limiting beliefs, positive & not so positive emotions which are hidden away.


It is your programmed & conditions responses which are intended to keep you safe but in fact may hold you back and keep you from achieving your dreams & desires.



The subconscious state  the Alpha (8 to 12 Hz) brain waves occur, usually in a state of relaxation ie a Light Trance or  Theta (3 to 8 Hz) brain waves at the light sleep or deep relaxation levels ie a Medium Trance.    By using hypnosis we are able to bypass the “Critical Factor” between the conscious & subconscious minds and reach your long term memories, emotions and other conditioned responses so that you can use the creative power of your mind.     It is the day dreaming and REM dream states which are perfect for Hypnotherapy and Self-hypnosis.


Light Meditation The presence of Alpha waves usually indicate mental and deep physical relaxation.


Your eyes are likely to be closed, in a light meditation or daydreaming.


In the Alpha state you are starting to pay less attention to the outer world and more attention to our inner world.

It is in this state that your learning, concentration, visualisation memory and imagination are heightened.



Studies indicate that the Alpha state is the optimum opportunity to access your subconscious access mind  and also where your intuition becomes enhanced.


It is the Theta Brain waves that are present in the deeper parts of your subconscious,  light meditation, your REM dream state and light sleep and also during Hypnosis.   During the Theta brain level you would be aware of outside noises but not distracted by them and more suggestible than if you were at the Alpha level.


Your unconscious mind.  

This part of your mind makes up between 30 to 40% of your mind and this is the area which manages your Automatic Body  functions  such as your heart rate, digestion and breathing which keep your body alive.    Your immune system, autonomic nervous system and reactive functions are also found in this area of your mind.   You have no control or conscious awareness of these functions, however our experience has shown that regardless of a person’s level of consciousness, people are able to tune in and get in touch with their heart,  breathing and the inner energy of their body. 


Deep Delta Brain WavesThough we are thought to have no control or conscious awareness of our automatic body functions, there has been  research  into some of the automatic body functions of the heart and gut,  in the roles of cognition, emotion and intuition in human decision making.


The Three Factor Model ie  our Head, Heart and Gut is also called the three brains.

∞   Cephalic Brain – Head

∞   Cardiac Brain – Heart

∞   Enteric Brain – Gut


Neuroscience has shown that each Brain has a sophisticated system of sensory neurons,  motor neurons, neurotransmitters & ganglia, which receives and processes information and can store it until needed.

Science is beginning to catch up to what people have known for many years,  that decision making not only involves cognition but also emotion and intuition.    Using the heart, heart and gut approach has become more popular in Therapy and can create powerful shifts in people, when they understand the power of listening to and understanding their body.     There is considerable mainstream research in this area and the application of this model to Coaching and Leadership has been suggested by recent studies.


This is  place of  deep dreamless sleep and deep trance ie the somnambulistic trance.   Your body needs regular Delta level deep sleep because it is thought that the healing process & regeneration is linked to this wave level.


It is at this deep level of unconsciousness, you can move into what is known to be, amongst other things,  the universal mind and collective unconsciousness.


Our experience has shown that having access to the higher levels of quantum and universal consciousness can bring about deep transformation and levels of awareness.   We have participated and been trained in a number of Protocols such as Quantum Consciousness,  Sacred Ancestral and DNA Healing which explore these issues and further information can be found on this page.


Dr Michael Newton,  Psychologist and Hypnotherapist worked for more than 25 years documenting and researching client’s consistent experiences of life between lives connecting to a person’s soul self.   “Life Between Lives” involves a deep and powerful session which explores the lineal of our soul and the immortal identity that we all carry within.   Dr Newton’s Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy shows us all that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and that our soul essence is within our reach.   Dr. Newton’s books are worth reading if you would like to explore your soul connection.


Another internationally recognised  Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist   Dr. Brian Weiss  who is the author of a number of well known books including Many Lives, Many Masters  and Same Soul, Many Bodies has similarly documented thousands of profound transformation for his clients through past life therapy, retrieving and releasing childhood memories, the mind-body connection.

The present is a time of enlightenment, when throughout the world we are using the infinite power of our mind,  body and our  quantum & universal energy, to help heal and empower people.

Universal Consciousness