Energy work


Everything is Energy and Vibration. 


Julie & Simon have studied with a number of Australian and International trainers who have developed processes which explore and use the power of our conscious, subconscious & unconscious  minds.     Gaining access to these levels provides new learnings,  deeper awareness & unlimited connection with the different level of our own consciousness as well as universal consciousness.


Infinite ConsciousnessSimon & Julie believe that your mind has infinite potential, as does our universe.


They offer a number of different processes to both individuals and groups, who wish to explore these exciting journeys.



Past Life Remembering aka Past Life Regression.

Julie offers both Individual and small Group Past Life Remembering sessions.      If you’ve been curious or would like to just find out more about your Past Lives,  you can arrange a one or one personal session or attend a small Group PAST LIFE session,  where you have a safe space for you to journey into your REMEMBERING.


Ancient history recounts many examples of reincarnation and past lives.   Over the last century, the western world has been rediscovering reincarnation.   During the last 50 years University research across the world has documented many past life cases, with reputable authors publishing many books about past life regression cases.

Past Life Regression Infinite Minds


You may have already felt:

  • a strong connection with a particular place or part of the world.
  • that you’ve worked in a particular job.
  • familiarity with another language or culture.
  • strong ties & feelings toward to a friend.
  • a karmic connection with a friend, family member or a person whom you’ve just met.


If you have experienced something similar to this, then you are probably remembering aspects of a past life from a different time and place.   Your past lives can be seen as a living part of your greater identity and knowing this means that you understand more about yourself, your relationships and your current life.


The PAST LIFE REMEMBERING Process uses  the powers of meditation and gentle hypnosis, in a safe and nurturing space,  where you will be safely guided to a past or possibly even a future life.   


Past Life Remembering

During the trance you will have an opportunity to connect with that particular version of yourself where you will access the wisdom of that life, your subconscious and your Higher Self,  gaining insight and awareness.


Individual Sessions run for approximately 90 minutes, possibly longer depending upon your individual needs, so Julie recommends that you set aside two hours so that you feel you have plenty of time exploring your unique Pasts Life Journey.      Whilst Group Sessions are usually about 2 and half hours.    Either way,it’s worth having a Chat with Julie to ensure that your personal needs are explored and she can recommend a Session suitable for you .



Simon is a Reiki Master in Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Ryoho Reiki

Julie is an Intuitive Reiki Master Practitioner and also a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master

We offer a Self-Love Rejuvenate & Relax Session for an hour and a half, which combines both Reiki and Hypnotherapy.   A Spa Treatment for your Mind & Soul.

Receive & Share Distance Reiki Energy  – these a Group Zoom sessions for Reiki practitioners & others who want to participate in an ONLINE distance healing session.



Sacred Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing – Shani-Faye Chambers

This is a powerful & profound process using a combination of working with Spirit, Energetic Alchemy, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and NLP to create a unique and pure wave of healing throughout yourself and ancestry.

This process allows the release any old pains & traumas of 7 generations that may be held in your cellular memory.   Sometimes we carry patterns of behaviours that may be our parents, our grandparents, and our great, great, great, great grandparents.   When this is released and starts to heal,  people can experience powerful learnings and healing.

Sacred Ancestral Clearing & DNA Healing


The Simpson Protocol

Simon has completed training in “The Simpson Protocol – Essentials and Advanced” which is a process that allows the client’s conscious mind to relax and step aside so the “super conscious”  can work freely and completely,  allowing the client to evaluate and instigate change work from within.    This is a very empowering process for each client, trusting and allowing their “higher” mind to produce the best and optimum outcomes for themselves.

Simon will take you into a deep state of Hypnosis thereby helping you to access the most powerful parts of your mind, that always works for your ultimate good.


Timeline Reset & Delete Reset – Emma Romano

Julie is certified to work as an International Timeline Reset Practitioner which is a gentle but effective way of clearing negative emotions and limiting beliefs from past events that are holding back clients in their day to day life. Timeline ResetBy clearing these negative emotions & limiting beliefs clients start to thrive in their:

  • ∞   Relationships
  • ∞   Health
  • ∞   Spirituality
  • ∞   Love
  • ∞   Self- Worth
  • ∞   Career

Timeline Reset is a Four Session process which helps people remove negative emotions and encourages the subconscious mind to reinstall new Learnings and positive emotions.

TLR is different to the classic NLP Timeline Therapy where people usually go back to just before an event and emotionally dissociate from the event.   Timeline Reset is “present” focused which means clients don’t need to re-experience a traumatic event.

The process is very effective  for people who find it difficult to visualise or tend to be in their head.


Delete Reset is a process which enables you to go deep into the unconscious and use several parts of the brain for rapid immediate change.

The process works on five levels:

  • ∞   Conscious
  • ∞   Unconscious/Subconscious
  • ∞   Energetic
  • ∞   Spiritual
  • ∞   Cellular


Quantum Consciousness Process – Peter Smith

This experience takes you through the human portal into the ever expanding realms of consciousness.    It is a safe journey which takes you through:Quantum Consciousness

  • ∞  The Present Consciousness
  • ∞  Stored Consciousness
  • ∞  Alternative Consciousness
  • ∞  Parallel Consciousness
  • ∞  Inter-dimensional Consciousness
  • ∞  Eternal Consciousness

The Session may take more than two hours and is a journey of exploration where you will gain awareness & inspiration from your realms of quantum consciousness.


DRUMBEAT Facilitators – Holyoake

Simon has played percussion for many years and we often incorporate drumming into our Workshops.   Both Julie & Simon have completed a Holyoake Drumbeat Facilitators training and whenever possible use the beat of the drum.

Research has found that drumming is able to improve well-being, mental health & build resilience through rhythm.   It provides a nurturing & exciting way to discover relationships using music, beliefs, emotions, attitudes & thoughts.


DRUMING Workshops with Infinite Minds