Why are relationships so important?  

We are social animals and crave intimacy, connection and communication with others.    Wanting to be connected to other people is a natural, innate need for us,  yet it also seems to be a potential source of pain, sorrow,  anger, frustration, worry, grief and a multitude of other emotions.

Relationships and Hypnosis

Healthy relationships are important for your mental health because when you are with other people who care for you and you care about them, this connection can make you feel supported, respected and part of something larger than yourself.     Many studies have shown that people who have social support from family, friends & their community are happier, have fewer health problems and live longer.


Strong relationships can give you a sense of belonging.

Relationships are important to our mental health


We all know relationships and social connection are important. Harvard Medical School   reviewed a number of studies which confirm that having quality and meaningful relationships are also important for our long term physical health just like having have adequate sleep, a good diet and not smoking.


Social connection is important for relieving harmful levels of stress,  cardiovascular disease, immunity and even dementia.



We all have many types of relationships in our lives, they come, go and  change over time  – children, partners,  friends, siblings, parents, cousins, workforce, community.  They may be intimate or platonic, healthy or unhealthy, easy or hard,  giving or receiving but either way there is almost always an exchange of energy.

Couple and relationships


Romantic relationships experience significant pressures nowadays – lives are busy, couples often work full-time,  people have higher expectations, financial pressures, social media, child raising and everyone responds differently to stress.   Society has encouraged us to believe that one person is able to meet all of our emotional and physical needs however as life progresses we find that the reality is very different.


work relationships

Our workplace relationships can also present challenges.  Working longer hours means people spent more time working together, sometimes under high pressure situations, which may or may not bring out the best in them.


Bosses may use their power to bully their staff,  the manager may have unrealistic expectations about staff productivity and the emotionally insecure supervisor may take out their insecurities on other team members.  The list can go on and on.



family and connection


Family relationships can be a  source of great happiness and may also be bring great frustration & sadness into our lives.


Each family will have its unique set of patterns of interactions which are influenced by the family roles, values, structure,  parenting /sibling struggles, communication style, emotional and physical abuse and also personal differences.


Some family issues may be have lasting effects that individuals can take into their adulthood, which in turn influence their own parenting.    At times particular events and cultural beliefs may be a source of potential conflict.



Hypnosis can help you find solutions to a meaningful relationship.   

We are influenced by past events and experiences, which are like a guide & barometer for your emotions and behaviours.   These are hidden deep within our subconscious & unconscious minds.   Often these old patterns are no longer helpful and can hold you back from having fulfilling and happy relationships.


Hypnosis is able to bypass the conscious and logical/rational part of your mind and gain access to your emotions, values, habits etc which are located in the subconscious part of  your mind. 


Family Relationships


The NLP Communication model explains how we all have a unique view of the world.   There can be no right or wrong point of view or opinions in relationships because everyone has their own unique way of perceiving the world.      Whatever you say is correct for you, and whatever another person feels or says is correct for them.   How awesome is it to know that you are both right, in your own ways !


Hypnotherapy can help you manage and improve the quality of relationships.  Knowledge is power but you also need new tools to manage  difficult emotions and handle conflict,  establish realistic boundaries,  guidance to express needs & desires, make decisions and also help you regain confidence.



By using a number of modalities, combined  with hypnosis it’s possible to:  

  • ∞       overcome insecurity &  jealousy
  • ∞       take back self-responsibility
  • ∞       resolve relationship anxiety
  • ∞       having realistic expectations
  • ∞       recover & build your dignity & confidence
  • ∞       rebuild trust in yourself & others
  • ∞       forgive yourself & others.
  • ∞       gain new awareness & understanding
  • ∞       improve your current relationships
  • ∞       manage conflict within relationships




ONLINE Hypnotherapy is safe & effective.

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Hypnotherapy can offer targeted & personal support.  

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