Women’s Circles

Magic happens when women gather in Circle! 

Cultures throughout the world have been creating and sitting in Circle for thousands of years – our Australian Aborigines, African,  Native American, Asian and European people connect and meet in Circle.    The Circle is one of the fundamental patterns of nature and is seen to be the symbol of harmony, unity, the balance of yin & yan.


Circles represent the coming together, from a place of oneness and equality, encouraging participation, collaboration and interaction.  Women, men and children celebrate, grieve, talk, dance, make decisions, share food, heal, initiate, pass on stories, cultural knowledge and and hold rituals in circles.


Women’s Circles

Life can be demanding, it can polarise and isolate people, especially women who have busy lives, working,  caring for children or others,  studying and managing day to day demands.   But humans all need deep, honest & real connection with others.   Many studies have confirmed the value and benefits of having quality relationships with other people.     Harvard Medical School confirm that good connections and social support can even improve health and increase longevity.


women supporting women

Circles provide the opportunity to heal our hearts.  To reach into, hear and feel our intuition.


For many years, I have felt a need for unconditional love, to be close to other women but it’s only over the past few years that I have actually done something about it   After having a responsible career in the corporate world for many years,  being a busy working mum with little quality time for our children and then becoming self employed, I realised that I had never given priority to my own needs.


Now in my 60’s and our children confidently making their own lives,  I knew that it was now or never to start my own healing journey.   My  search for self awareness brought Reiki, energy work & spirituality into my life and then just as the student was ready, the teacher appeared and I found the power of Women’s Circles.


Infinite Minds Women Circles Over the years I have completed various qualifications including Psychology, Social Work and Hypnotherapy and as well as obtaining “How to Lead Circle” and  “Facilitator Tribe”  Certification with USA based  “Sistership Circle.” and also “Women’s Circle Facilitation Certification” with Imogen Bailey.


I am passionate about Women’s Circles and believe that Circle can be a safe, sacred,  nurturing space,  a place to be heard, supported, respected and nurtured by other women, together in Sisterhood   As women we hold the power, we give birth, we raise children, create homes yet we seem to doubt and make ourselves appear smaller.


Women are full circles


In our Women’s Circles you will relearn to trust yourself and other women, sharing our pain, our achievements, our love for others and self-love.   This is your safe space to connect with other like-minded women for a time to nurture yourself, to explore your feminine self and inner goddess.


By celebrating, co-creating and connecting with other women we raise our own vibration & love, spreading it outwards into our worlds, to our partners, brothers, sons & daughters.


Just take a moment for yourself,  turn off your phone, shut the door and with your hand on your heart gently & quietly ask yourself these questions:

∞     When was the last time you filled up your cup first?

∞     Do you find it easier to care for and love others but are not so generous with your own self-love?

∞     When did you last feel full of enthusiasm and have a zest for life?

∞     Do you struggle with truly, fully and unconditionally loving yourself?

∞     When was the last time that you explored and celebrated what it means to be a woman?

∞     When was your voice really heard?

∞     When were you last inspired & encouraged to show your uniqueness?

As you felt into your heart, I am not sure what awareness came up or what resonated with you but over the next few hours & days just be aware of any feelings or thoughts that bubble upwards.   Write them down or record on your phone and give yourself a few quiet moments to reflect on whatever came up.    


Loving yourself


I am sure that you have felt that little seed within – wanting to germinate and grow into the stronger, caring, loving, passionate woman that is hidden within.


If you are searching for  connection and a deeper relationship with yourself and other like-minded women,   then you are invited to gather with  us in Circle.


The Circles will be run monthly and for women to really benefit the attendees will be asked to commit to the full program.







We will be starting our next Women’s Circle program next month.

It is intended to hold physical Circles however if COVID-19 returns to Western Australia we will need to comply with social distancing requirements and it MAY be necessary to move our Circles to Zoom.


Turn on your inner lightIn Circle you will experience:

  • ∞   Connection
  • ∞   Nurturing
  • ∞   Deep Meditation
  • ∞   Movement
  • ∞   Sharing
  • ∞   Ritual
  • ∞   Ceremony

The Circles will be held monthly.   If you would like to join our Circles  please give me a call or flick me an email to:    info@infiniteminds.com.au  with “Circles” in the subject line or go to our Contact us page. 


Looking forward to connecting with you very soon.





It’s time to fall in love with yourself again