Anxiety & Stress

It’s normal to experience feelings of anxiety and stress in response to what you perceive to be a new or potentially dangerous situation or event but these feelings usually go when that particular situation have passed.    It is when those stress and anxious feelings don’t go away that they start to become a normal or familiar part of your life.    If it is becoming harder to deal with your day to day life, then it may be a sign that you need professional help to get your life back again.

Did you know that “Anxiety” is the most common mental health condition in Australia?   According to Beyond Blue on average one in four people will experience anxiety at some stage of their life and over a 12 month period more than two million Australians experience Anxiety. But this doesn’t mean that you have no choices and have to allow these feelings dominate and control you.

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Living in constant stress or anxiety may prevent you from enjoying a normal, happy life. It may stop you from pursing your usual activities – like playing sport, meeting up with your friends, your weekly food shopping, buying new clothes or checking out that car you were thinking of buying, going to the beach and just doing the things that you have enjoyed in the past.

You may be doing your best to hide these feelings from your family or friends or your work colleagues but this struggle just puts you under even more pressure, which in turn just seems to make everything worse. Going into overwhelm just exacerbates your anxiety & stress even more until things just spiral out of control.   Life can seem to be spiraling downwards.

It’s possible that you tried counselling and life may have improved but at times those feelings still return.  Your GP may have even suggested medication to help improve things but you may prefer to not take drugs.

Our mission at Infinite Minds is to help you transform the overwhelm & worry in your life to control and relief.

Regaining your power to THRIVE rather than survive! 


Thrive in your life

Hypnosis is a key to unlock the unconscious part of your mind that holds your memories and belief system whose primary purpose is to keep you safe.  Throughout the history of man and woman kind, it has been necessary for humans to survive using their wits and “Flight or Fight” adaptations. Whilst these coping strategies were helpful to flee a lion, they are less relevant to life in the 21st Century, unless you live in a little hut in the African savannah.

Despite your best efforts and willpower, your conscious mind has limited control over your behaviour and beliefs when you are experiencing strong emotions.   This is because your emotions and feelings are stored deep within your subconscious and unconscious parts of your mind, along with your perception, values, imagination, intuition etc and this is why hypnosis can be so effective to reach and rewire those feelings of anxiety & stress.

Your survival responses are hidden deep within your subconscious belief systems and this is exactly why hypnosis can be so effective to reach and rewire those feelings of anxiety & stress.   Check out this page for more information about your Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious parts of your mind.

When you are ready to release and rewire these programmed and conditioned responses, contact Julie or Simon to arrange a convenient time for your free consultation call.   We can then discuss your personal needs and decide whether Hypnosis will be a good fit for you.

After our initial phone chat, we can then set up a convenient time to meet giving you the opportunity to tell us about your story, your dreams & aspirations so we can start to design an individual program just for you.

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