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Sound Healing.

Sound Healing is a powerful experience, which combines the healing vibrations & frequencies of various musical instruments, sound and voice to create different frequencies.
Simon & Julie may use solfeggio pipes, crystal and Tibetan bowls, handpan, djembe, rain sticks, ocean drums, tuning forks and chimes to take you on a relaxing, nurturing self healing journey.

Your sound healing may be part of a Group or even a One on One Session, which will deeply touch and nourish your Soul, Mind and Body energetic levels.

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Self-love Vibe & Thrive

What is  Self-love?

Self-love means different things to different people and people often associate it with components such as self-acceptance, self-acknowledgement, self-appreciation, self-awareness, self-care, self-compassion, self-confidence, self-empowerment, self-esteem, self-expression, self-forgiveness, self-honesty, self-honour, self-trust, self-pleasure, self-respect and self-worth ….

It’s only by putting these words together that we are able to create the powerful vibration of self-love.

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Weight Management

Living with excess weight can be exhausting and lifestyle limiting for many people. The fear of ongoing health issues, not being able to undertake physical activity and self-judgement can leave you with feelings of embarrassment, guilt, shame and more. A combination of Hypnotherapy, non surgical Virtual Gastric Banding and new mindset tools will help you change old habits & your self-belief, making it easier for you to lose that weight forever – becoming a healthier, slimmer, and better version of yourself.

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Anxiety & Stress

It’s normal to experience feelings of anxiety and stress in response to a situation or event but these feelings usually go when that particular situation have passed. Feelings of worry, obsessive thinking, catastrophizing, restlessness, tightening of the chest, rapid breathing and avoiding events anticipating that you will feel anxious can control and limit your life.

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How we can help you

Julie & Simon are Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists with a wealth of life experience, who are committed to help you find and develop your inner resources and strengths.


We will help you find & light up  your unlimited potential.


We believe that each person has the ability to empower themselves.  When you look back over your life, you will see, feel or remember times when you overcame obstacles and challenges.   These strengths are still with you, though with time they may have become a little rusty, doubtful, fearful and hidden away in your subconscious.


Every Client is unique. Even though you may have the same parents as your siblings, your life experiences, your personality and your view of the world makes you different.   This uniqueness means that what may work with one Client, may not work with another Client.   By using a variety of techniques including Hypnotherapy, NLP, Energy work and Solution Focused therapy we are able to design individual sessions which take into consideration your uniqueness.


When you believe that you deserve to THRIVE, change will come more easily into your life.


We won’t give you a magic pill or wave a magic wand to “Fix You” but we will work together,  helping you explore and heal your own story so that you can move forward towards a happier, more fulfilled life.


Life is to too short to be living in the past,

to be held back and stopping yourself from reaching your full potential.   

It’s time to reach out and start your new journey….  




Therapy to Empower You!

Free Phone Consultation

During our phone consultation we will have a chat about your personal needs and whether we believe that Hypnosis is a good fit for you.


We will find out a little about your life, your goals and your dreams.


This gives you a chance to decide whether you would like to work with us and whether we believe that we are able to help you help yourself.


We will give you a realistic overview of approximately how many sessions may be required,  let you know a price for our service and make a convenient time for your first appointment.


A deposit is then needed for the first session.


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Initial Consultation

Your initial Consultation is often longer than other sessions because this is where you tell us your Story.


We will discuss and dig deeper into your issues, explore your goals and respond in more detail to your questions as well as respond to any concerns you may have about hypnosis.


This is also a time to set some realistic goals that are achievable for you and start to set you up for success.


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This is where the real magic happens !   We believe that you have many inner resources and as therapists we have a range of tools & techniques which allow us to provide therapy which is specifically designed to meet your individual needs.


Our intention is to help you tap into your inner resources & strengths, help you build new skills and practical tools that can be used in your life.


We will give you some homework between sessions because we want you to use your new knowledge, practice and learn.


Our expectation it that you commit to yourself, take responsibility & take action.


It sounds exciting because it is !

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Follow up + Support

It’s likely that you have taken many years to become the person you are today, so it’s quite normal that new habits and behaviours may take time to be installed and permanently rewired in your beautiful mind.


To ensure ongoing change it’s important that you stay motivated and acknowledge your achievements,  both big & small.


But, sometimes life through may through you a curve ball, something unexpected may happen and you may need additional support.


We are here for you, throughout your healing journey.     We’ve got your back !

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What Our Clients Say?

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