Online Individual Sessions

 You may prefer a face to face, one on one session but you can also achieve lasting change with ONLINE SESSIONS.  




Did you know that even though you are at home, you can still have a successful Hypnotherapy session Online?



We know that life may be hard, especially in the current situation with COVID-19 and understand that many people want to reduce any real or perceived risks involved with a face to face therapy session.     Feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, frustration, fear, confusion or overwhelm are all normal emotions when life throws new and challenging events for us to manage.


Online Sessions may also be a practical solution, when it’s difficult to travel because of social isolation or even if the demands of your work mean that it is too hard to for you to come into our Office.    You may be home schooling children or even caring for other family members.   So managing the logistics of family life and your own self care in the current times can tough so it is important for everyone to be provide therapeutic solutions in a flexible way.


Arranging an Online Session may be a good alternative for you to ensure that your own emotional well-being is  are being, especially at a time of such constant change.


If you are struggling with the COVID-19 restrictions  or even just feeling a bit vulnerable at the moment,  setting up a easy & convenient Zoom session from the comfort of  your lounge room or study might be just what you need right now.


Hypnosis is a safe, natural process that you have experienced many times throughout your life –  when you are chilling,  watching TV, listening to our favourite music,  reading a book or magazine or on your phone,  you are in a state of intense focus  and block out other sounds or things in your immediate environment.   During these moment you go into a trance.   Check out this page to answer any of your  questions about Hypnosis. 


Setting up an ONLINE Session is quick & easy.


You can be comfortable and safe in your own home – sitting on your lounge, on your favourite chair or wherever you prefer as long as we can hear and see each other.


Julie & Simon have been  working Online with clients using Zoom and our experience has shown that Hypnosis is very effective, even over cyberspace.


What you need:

  1. ∞ To be able to hear and see each other.
  2. ∞ A stable Internet connection.
  3. ∞ Zoom account – we will help you set that up in advance
  4. ∞A quiet place where you will be comfortable and won’t be disturbed ie no pets or children in the room.


It’s that easy to have an effective ONLINE Session.   


Book in today for a FREE Phone Consultation, where we will have a chat about your personal situation and

put into place arrangements for you to start filling up your own glass.