Weight loss & the Virtual Gastric Band Program


∞   Are you feeling tired, frumpy and exhausted ?  

∞   Have you tried all those diets, but they never seem to work?

∞   Are you worried about how your excess weight is harming your health?

∞   Do you feel frustrated shopping for clothes, that never seem to fit correctly?

∞   Do you feel anxious about what your future holds for you?

∞   Are you having difficulty sleeping?


Living with excess weight can be exhausting and lifestyle limiting for many people.   The fear of ongoing health issues, not being able to undertake physical activity and self-judgement can leave you with a feeling of embarrassment, guilt, shame and more.
The worry of developing diabetes type II, high blood pressure,  heart & kidney disease and even cancer,  may be a constant nagging voice in your head.  You may already be feeling pain in your knees and back.


Understanding the impact of obesity on your body doesn’t make it any easier, it just reminds you how the lives of other relatives were cut short because of their avoidable health problems.

You may be having difficulty sleeping.  An exciting sex life and doing anything more strenuous than the weekly shopping and a walk to the letter box, is becoming a distant memory.

Buying clothes is hard work, so living in baggy clothes is much easier.    Finding something decent to wear is challenging, finding something glamourous is almost impossible and even when you do find it, you don’t even like the colour & print.   But the worst part of buying clothes is seeing yourself in the change room mirror!

Thank goodness for online shopping.  ?

Then there is the anxiety when you think of the future –   questioning whether you will see your daughter getting married,  enjoying your grandchildren and maybe doubts that you will celebrate your grandchildren’s 21st Birthday and the list goes on…


Family is LoveAnd then there is the emotional turmoil because food is such a big part of your life.

∞    Food is a way of showing love.

∞    Food is time with family.

∞    Food may be a big part of your identity.

∞    Food is connection.

∞    Food is about celebration.


Eating is often associated with warm feelings and memories of your childhood.   Celebrating with family & friends or just sitting at the dining room table brings people together.  Even the preparation of some dishes may have a special significance and hold cultural pride.

Family & friends just don’t understand how hard it is for you.   They don’t know about all the Diets you’ve  tried,  the unused Gym memberships,  the diet shakes,  the different weight programs.   All these businesses make so much money out of your misery, they promise so much but the end result is the same.

Your GP may have suggested weight loss medications but you are not sure about the possible side effects, you may have been referred to a Dietitian which was helpful for a while.

Not being able to live a normal, happy, active life because of the burden of the excess kilos can be demoralising and even depressing.

Feeling Free from the baggage Our mission at Infinite Minds is to help blast away the shame & embarrassment for people who are

stuck in that never-ending cycle of trying to be healthy and lose weight.

A combination of Hypnotherapy and new mindset tools will help you change old habits and your self-belief,  making it easier for you to lose that weight forever – becoming a healthier, slimmer, and better version of yourself.     By tackling those hidden emotional reasons hidden beneath those layers of baggy clothes,  means that you drop your emotional baggage as well as your weight.

∞    No more shame, embarrassment, or guilt  ∞  

How does that sound?         

Julie & Simon are trained Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) Practitioners.   VGB  is a non-surgical hypnosis technique which convinces your body to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food.

The Virtual Gastric Band program was founded in Yorkshire, England by Clinical Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger.  The program uses hypnosis to convince your unconscious mind into believing that a band has been placed around the top portion of your stomach, creating a small stomach pouch thereby reducing the amount of food you need to eat before you feel full.    Gastric Banding without the surgery!

The program empowers you to make food choices and change the way you think about food so that you have a new, long-term solution to your old weight problems.

With this program:

∞    you won’t not feel deprived or denied,

∞    you won’t need to count calories.

∞    You won’t need to deny yourself of particular foods.

Eating less and exercising more will lead to a better body shape, improved fitness and all round health.

The program will give you a drug free and safe KEY to unlock & change those hidden unconscious thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving long term results.

We have helped other people in similar situations as you.  Helping to empower themselves to live a happier and more fulfilling life that they deserve.

∞    Are you ready to see a future of possibilities?

∞    Are you ready to regain that self worth and sexy version of yourself?

∞    Are you ready to take the first step towards a new future?

Now that you’ve made the decision to take the first step forward, just book in a free phone chat with Julie.

We will discuss your goals and dreams, answer your questions and then if we feel that this is good option for you, set up a convenient time for your Initial Consultation.

When you are ready to become that better version of yourself, you know what to do!