This is where the real magic happens …   We believe that you have many inner resources and as therapists we have a range of tools & techniques which allow us to provide therapy which is specifically designed to meet your individual needs.

Your session may include a combination of Hypnotherapy,  Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and other proven techniques with the intention of guiding you tap into your own solutions.

Our intention is to help you tap into your inner resources & strengths, help you build new skills and practical tools that can be used in your life.    We also give most of our clients a recording of their Hypnotherapy session which can be used to reinforce your “Learnings” with the goal of helping you change habits and behaviour  which have been developed over your life time.

We will give you some homework between sessions because we want you to use your new knowledge, to make mistakes and learn.  Part of this may be to regularly listen to your recording.

Our expectation it that you commit to yourself, take responsibility & take action.

By helping you develop your unlimited potential, you will move from striving in your life to thriving.

It sounds exciting because it is exciting!

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